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Healthcare programme

You have a dog, cat or rabbit? This sweet pet is obviously part of your family and you have your best interests at heart. Then you go to the vet at least annually, don’t you? A longer and healthier life for your pet? Together we go for it!
We are happy to give you advice on your pet’s body care (coat, ears, eyes, nails, teeth,…), on preventing and treating unwanted visitors such as fleas, ticks and worms, and on preventing diseases. Together, we then draw up an individualised healthcare programme. Tailor-made, in other words.
Our four-legged friends do not speak our language. As owners, we do our best, but animal language is still not our mother tongue. So small health problems can lurk for a long time, until they suddenly become very big. So we screen for any health problems at the same time.

Although most parts of the annual health check are not really age-specific, the emphases are slightly different depending on the age of the animal.