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Iscavets Veterinary Practice is responsible for numerous surgeries: castration and spaying, dental treatment, wound suturing, lump removal, intestinal obstructions, spleen removal, various types of hernias, amputations, eyelid surgery,…
We have two surgery rooms for this purpose. One for dental care and one for sterile procedures. Both are equipped with a gas anaesthesia machine (one with the possibility of breathing), and the necessary equipment for anaesthesia monitoring, including monitoring of blood pressure, heart function and body temperature – all in order to minimise the operative risk.
We follow the latest standards for anaesthesia and pain control. We therefore always use a cocktail of pain medication to ensure the smoothest possible recovery after surgery. Sutures are almost always placed in the skin, which also aids recovery and usually makes a collar unnecessary.
Most procedures take place under the form of a day admission. You let your animal sleep it off at home (no food for at least 6 hours) and bring it to the clinic in the morning or early afternoon at the agreed time. He can go home the same evening.
Tip for owners: make sure your pet has had a chance to do its business beforehand and that it has a clean coat.
Note: rabbits should never be fumigated!
Some procedures are performed in the practice by a specialised surgeon (especially orthopaedic procedures).
For some procedures, we are happy to direct you to a specialised colleague.