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Payment methods

Good bills make good friends.
That is why veterinary care and products are paid for immediately on every visit.
This can be done in cash, with VISA or MC, with Bancontact or via Payconiq.

Our summary price list is available to download as a PDF. Among other things, you will find rates for consultations, vaccinations, surgery, additional examinations and operations.

Our invoice conditions:

1. Invoices are payable immediately.

2. As a courtesy, you may pay this invoice by bank transfer, at the latest on the stated due date, to account number IBAN BE88950170691841 BIC CTBKBEBX of Comm.V Iscavets, as stated on the invoice.

3. If the invoice is not paid by the due date, we will send you a reminder and you will lose the option to pay by bank transfer in the future.

4. If you have still not paid 21 calendar days after this reminder, we will charge a lump sum compensation in accordance with art. XIX.4 of the Economic Law Code, which is determined as follows:

– 20 euros for invoice amounts ≤ 150 euros plus 10% of the invoice amount

– 30 euros for invoice amounts between 150 and 500 euros plus 10% of the invoice amount

– 65 euros + 5% an invoice amount above 500 euros with a maximum of 2,000 euros

5. In addition, we charge you a conventional late payment interest at the interest rate determined in Article 5 of the Act of 02/08/2002 on Combating Late Payments in Commercial Transactions from the 22nd calendar day after the reminder.

6. The invoice conditions are considered accepted in the absence of a written protest within eight days. All disputes, without exception, fall within the jurisdiction of the Court of First Instance in Brussels and the Justice of the Peace of Overijse. Only Belgian law applies.