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Hospitalisation of a patient is necessary for any surgical procedure, even if it is a day admission. This way, animals wake up in a safe and warm environment, where any complications are quickly detected.
Hospitalisation is also necessary for serious conditions requiring repeated medical treatments, such as infusion treatment, regular dressing changes, drug administration, force-feeding and, of course, secure monitoring of the condition of critical patients.
We have two hospitalisation quarters, one for dogs and one for cats. We are particularly proud of this as it avoids a lot of stress for the cats. Both hospitalisation quarters contain modular cages whose size can be adapted to the size of the patient and their needs. Each hospital stay can be individually heated, even with underfloor heating in the case of the dogs. They are made of materials that can be easily cleaned and disinfected. They are also equipped for oxygen administration. Infusion pumps provide the right amount of fluids.
Naturally, patients are always housed on a soft absorbent surface adapted to the needs of each species. For example, cats have the opportunity to choose their resting area: on high, or safely hidden away. For the cats, we use pheromones to minimise their stress.
Tip for owners: to reduce stress, it also helps to have a scent or familiar toy from home in the cage.
And of course, we also always have our hands handy to give TLC (tender, love and care).
Last but not least, we also have an isolation room, where patients who have infectious diseases are housed.