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Practice software

Iscavets has carefully chosen its practice software. Fuga meets all our expectations.
The management of our patient sheets is smooth and clear. To ensure communication between vets, we make sure that all necessary information is listed on the consultation sheet. Essential!
Radiographs, ultrasound images and blood results are automatically linked to your animal’s sheet. In your mailbox with just a few clicks!
Reminder e-mails (annual check-up, worming moments, follow-up visits ultrasound heart) are created automatically. No more forgetting!
The application gives you an overview of all your pet’s consultations, including diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. Transparent and super handy!
You can also upload a photo of your pet(s), which will then appear on the patient file. Nice!
Via this application, you can also make appointments online, order products you have already purchased, and consult your vaccination and product reminders. Even outside our opening hours!
The invoice can be emailed with a simple press of a button. You like to know what you are paying for!
We can easily e-mail you information documents (e.g. step-by-step plan for brushing teeth, rabbit food, post-treatment surgery, holiday tips when travelling (with or without your pet),…). The right info!