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Stray cat approach

A female cat can already be fertile at around 5 months of age. Multiple litters per year with several kittens that can become fertile in the same year: it quickly becomes a problem that is difficult to oversee, leading to stray cats that can cause quite a nuisance. Stray cats always originate from domestic cats. This is an important message for every cat owner: take responsibility and get your cat infertilised in time. Having a litter provides no health benefits to your cat, either mentally or physically. It only adds to the stray cat problem and can lead to transmission of infectious diseases (such as sneezing disease, feline leukaemia and feline AIDS).
Stray cats are a complex problem and the Overijse municipality assumes its responsibility in this regard. If you notice a stray cat problem, you can contact the non-profit organisation Cattitude (0468/491.503), with whom the Overijse municipality has an agreement. Cattitude’s volunteers and staff place catch cages, the captured animals are taken to a vet where they are rendered infertile and then the animals are placed back where they were caught.