Which animals do we treat?

We treat a whole range of animals: dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents (guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, ...), ferrets, reptiles, birds and fish.


Veterinary practice Iscavets works only by appointment. Try to keep your appointment on track. Non-late or canceled appointments disrupt the schedule and withdraw our care for other patients.

What do we not treat?

Because we have no experience in it, Because we do not follow any further education and because we do not have the equipment for it, we do not treat cattle, sheep, goats, or other ruminants, and also no horses or pigs.


For emergency cases, you can always contact us by phone, by day or by night.

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A practice with a heart!

What do we engage in?

Our engagements

Personalized approach

We would like to know our customers and patients.

Comfortable atmosphere

We think humor is very important, without losing our professionalism.

Patient friendly

We would like to take the time to put the animals at ease, because they will be happy to come back.


Each patient deserves our full attention and is constantly being investigated.


In order to keep our knowledge up to date, we regularly attend further education and we read professional literature.


We say what we do and we do what we say.

Professional of the animal

We give advice on all aspects of your animal (upbringing and behavior, nutrition, maintenance coat, care teeth, eyes, ears, nails, ...).


To ensure the best animal life as good and as long as possible, it is important to detect problems early, before the petowner even notice anything.

A tight team

In order to provide optimal care, excellent communication between the veterinarians is indispensable.

A practice with a heart!

What do we engage in?

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" Compassion with animals is so close together with the kindness of the character that one can say peacefully: who is cruel to animals can not be a good person."

A. Schopenhauer, German philosopher 1788-1860


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