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Giving medication

At Iscavets Veterinary Practice, we do not prescribe medication unnecessarily. If we do then, it is indispensable that the medication is taken at the correct frequency and for the prescribed duration.

And yes, it is not always easy to administer pills. It always comes down to finding the way that suits your animal. Especially if it is medication you have to give for a long time, it is important to be able to give it as stress-free as possible. In our brochure below, you will find lots of tips for giving pills.

The main tip is: contact us if it doesn’t work. We will then look for an alternative together. Many medicines come in different administration forms (pill, paste, liquid, pipette, injection). Palatability can also vary depending on the brand. We have a rich arsenal of tricks to get the medication in the right place. And we are happy to demonstrate how to do it.

View the brochure in PDF here