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Check of the senior

From the age of about 8 years, the health risks tied to old age increase sharply. This is why regular health checks are so important. This way, latent medical problems can be detected at a stage when they are not yet noticeable to you as an owner.
Many age-related ailments can also be treated. Of course, we do not make your animal younger, but with an adapted approach, the quality of life can improve noticeably and we can also extend the lifespan in a qualitative way.

For the senior animal, the health check always follows the pattern outlined above, but with these specific accents:

  • Monitoring weight
  • Discussing changed nutritional needs
  • Detect age-related behavioural abnormalities
  • Detect age-related health problems
  • Additional examinations (e.g. urinalysis, blood test, blood pressure measurement, rectal examination, osteoarthritis check, thoracic radiography, hyperthyroidism screening…)