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Annual health check

An annual health check includes a lot more than the vaccination. We always start with a good conversation. This allows us to find out whether you as an owner are experiencing any problems with your pet, e.g. behaviour or health.

Of course, we also go over the necessary care for your pet. This ranges from the care of teeth, ears, eyes, coat and nails, to feeding, parasite control (worms, fleas, ticks) and weight monitoring.

Obviously, a thorough health examination cannot be missing. This serves, on the one hand, to optimise the specific care programme for your animal and, on the other hand, to detect early health problems that are not yet noticeable to you as an owner..

Depending on our observations during the health examination, we may suggest additional examinations (blood tests, urinalysis, radiographs, blood pressure measurement, microscopic examination, etc.).
Of course, we also check the vaccination status of your animal and propose a vaccination schedule according to age, breed, health status, lifestyle, living conditions and travel habits.