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Weight monitoring

Regular objective weight monitoring is very important for any animal. As an owner, you see your animal every day so gradual changes are not so noticeable.
Monitoring the growth curve of a young animal is particularly useful. A puppy always looks a bit skinny, even if it is overfed. Yet growing too fast leads to poorer quality growth which can contribute to growing pains, or various dysplasias.
Obesity, in turn, is as big a killer as it is for us. The risks are numerous: diabetes, urinary tract problems, fatty liver, cruciate ligament rupture, reduced stamina, poorer coat, poorer quality of life, reduced immunity, higher risk of anaesthesia, hernia… Obesity can also worsen existing problems (arthrosis, heart failure).
Being underweight or losing weight unexpectedly is always an alarm sign. It indicates an underlying problem that needs further investigation.
That is why we weigh your pet at every visit. This allows us to make timely adjustments or raise the alarm in time. Sometimes we will suggest a weight follow-up programme. Completely free of charge for those who buy their food from us.