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Play is essential in the lives of our dogs and cats. And it can be done in many ways. For our dogs, there are plenty of outdoor activities: dog school, agility, tracking, sheep herding, walking, jogging and so on. To strengthen the bond with your dog, don’t overlook interactive play.
The term ‘responsible toys’ certainly applies to our pets too. Puppies (and sometimes adult dogs too) often have a high demolition requirement and may already swallow pieces. These pieces can cause irritation of the digestive system, or in worse cases, intestinal obstruction. Tooth fractures are also not rare.
When buying toys, always ask yourself whether the toy is sufficiently sturdy and whether pieces can be bitten off. Prevention is better than cure!
If you want to spoil your pet in an original way or if you want to give him some distraction, we have a varied and fun range of responsible toys at the practice.

TIP: did you know that tennis balls are very abrasive on the teeth? So usually not suitable for our dogs….
TIP: did you know that deer antlers and bones are the most common cause of tooth fractures?