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At Iscavets, we have a special interest in behaviour. We use all our knowledge to keep the veterinary visit as animal-friendly as possible.
So be sure to ask us for advice if you have any doubts about your animal’s behaviour. Although some behaviours are normal for the species, they can wreak havoc on cohabitation. And some behaviour is simply not okay, not only for yourself, but especially for your animal. The sooner you intervene, the more likely it is that the problem can be easily fixed.
You can also come to us with problems in raising your puppy, urination and marking problems in the cat, destruction in the dog and cat, fights in rabbits, and so on.
We have some regulars to support you with the practical side of our advice:
Our assistants Cat and Améline have completed the Connect2Walk training. They teach you how to walk with your dog without pulling on the lead.
Walter Hens
Walter assists you in dealing with problem behaviour and always works in close consultation with the vets.