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Assistant Sonia

The fact that everything is always tidy is thanks to Sonia! In the morning, the practice is made start-up-ready by her. She makes sure the deliveries are checked and labelled. You also see her regularly in the practice because she is handy in holding animals. For example, she is vet Frederic’s helping hand when doing heart ultrasounds.

Since March 2022, Sonia has also become an indispensable help in our operating quarters and hospitalisation. She gives a lot of love and tenderness to our hospitalisation patients and she helps Cat and Améline to care in the hospitalisation.

If she meets you, she is happy to chat with you in Portuguese or English.

Sonia comes home to her husband, son and their beloved cat Canelle. She adopted Canelle in 2019 and by now he has become indispensable in her life!

A gem to cherish.